How to Quit Drinking Cold Turkey

These mild symptoms can graduate and become much more severe one in heavy drinkers. Some of the more life-threatening and serious alcohol withdrawal symptoms include seizures and delirium tremens. You may be able to detox at home and still attend outpatient therapy or support group meetings. But beware that severe alcohol withdrawal can kill you. The brain compensates for the depressive effects of alcohol by increasing its activity. When people who are dependent on alcohol drink, they feel normal. According to the NEJM , about half of all alcohol-dependent individuals will experience withdrawal symptoms upon quitting.

What is considered a heavy drinker?

For men, heavy drinking is typically defined as consuming 15 drinks or more per week. For women, heavy drinking is typically defined as consuming 8 drinks or more per week.

Often, the patient’s relationship to alcohol determines this. For instance, binge drinkers seeking help may have a shorter window of withdrawal than long-time drinkers.

Medically Supervised Detox

This means that if you how to taper off alcohol drinking cold turkey, your brain will not have enough GABA. This can cause your brain to become hyper-excitable and leads to withdrawal symptoms.

tapering schedule

A ceiling dose of 60 mg of diazepam or 125 mg of chlordiazepoxide is advised per day. After 2-3 days of stabilization of the withdrawal syndrome, the benzodiazepine is gradually tapered off over a period of 7-10 days. Patients need to be advised about the risks and to reduce the dose, in case of excessive drowsiness. In in-patient settings where intense monitoring is not possible due to lack of trained staff, a fixed dose regimen is preferred. Alcohol dependence causes your body to adapt to the presence of alcohol in your body.

Challenges of Quitting Alcohol

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are diagnosed using the CIWA-Ar as mild, moderate, or severe. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms range from extremely mild to life-threatening. Alcohol might be socially acceptable, but it’s also the most abused of all addictive substances. According to NCADD , almost 1 in 12 adults in the United States is dependent on alcohol. Driessen M, Lange W, Junghanns K, Wetterling T. Proposal of a comprehensive clinical typology of alcohol withdrawal – A cluster analysis approach. Saitz R, Mayo-Smith MF, Roberts MS, Redmond HA, Bernard DR, Calkins DR. Individualized treatment for alcohol withdrawal.

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