Data Room Software

Data room software lets you organize and share sensitive documents online. It is especially useful for managing due diligence and other corporate transactions.

The best data room providers will make document management a breeze. They also provide an array of support and features that allow you to conduct complex deals effectively and safely.

The best virtual data rooms providers provide a simple interface and quick account activation. They can also help you quickly grant access to investors, buyers and other partners with custom permission settings. You can also access dashboards and an audit log that will give you insight into the data room activity to make it easier to ensure smooth transactions.

Intralinks offers many different VDR solutions to meet all business needs. It is a global technology company that offers secure collaboration and content management solutions to the manufacturing, financial, and life sciences industries.

Onehub, cloud-based file sharing and VDR solution, allows you to collaborate with colleagues and clients in a secure manner. It is a robust security tool, including the two-factor authentication feature which sends an SMS code to your mobile phone to verify your login.

About Projectfusion: This straightforward and secure virtual data room solution gives users an easy-to-use interface, page-level reporting and drag-and-drop tools to upload files, and much more. You can also manage print and download rights and include dynamic watermarks to improve security.

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